The Jewelry Chi-O was born out of feedback from users. (mainly my wife, Ilona Selke ;-).)
When the original Economy Chi-O was released, we had rave reviews and everyone loved their Chi-O! The only negative comment we heard back from some of our users was that they wished it was pretty and more like a pendant.

While sitting in our favorite cafe in Ubud Bali, a very creative person walked by and then turned around and came back and introduced himself. He said his name was Mark Lee and he had read my book, Regaining Wholeness through the Subtle Dimensions, about my work with the SE-5 1000 and scalar technology. After chatting for some time, he sat down and showed me some of his artwork. As I sat stunned by the beauty and intricacy of his art, he pulled out a brass ring that he had created. As I looked at it, I realized that we might be able to put our Chi-O unit inside of the ring and perhaps make a pendant out of it.

We agreed to meet again and in the meantime, I would make some modifications to the Chi-O electronics to see if I could make it fit into the ring. On our next meeting, Mark brought along his business partner from Epinoia, Juan Schlosser. Juan is an architect extraordinaire as well as an expert on sacred geometry. Together with Ilona, we set out to create not only the world’s most powerful energetic pendant and talisman, but also a beautiful piece of jewelry that is a show stopper where ever it is seen.

The results of our magic combination of talents is self evident in the Jewelry Chi-O…


Don-ParisDon Paris Ph.D. (h.c.)
Inventor of the Chi-O

Don Paris, Ph.D. (h.c.) is a published author, speaker, video producer, and musician. His book, Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions has been published internationally in German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and English. He is known as the guru of the SE-5, the world’s most respected subtle energy, scalar instrument.

He is well loved for his style of bringing challenging concepts into an easy to understand language and has been a popular speaker at the Global Sciences Congress, Congress of Spiritual Scientists and the United States Psychotronics Association. Read more about Don

Many people contributed to the creation of the Chi-O. The Chi-O Jewelry was created in collaboration with a group of designers and artists:


Epinoia is a creative group of talented artist designers and technicians that utilize 3d software and gaming technology that combine to bring high level per-visualistations , invention and prototyping services using the virtues of the virtual

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