How to change the battery protector from Chi-O Phi and Bracelet


How to change the battery in my Chi-O Phi

How to insert a Hologram into the Chi-O Phi


Frequently asked questions                             


1)  Will two or more Chi-Organizer ä units interfere with one another? No. Living systems select the strongest, subtle field source to read. Each Chi-Organizer operates independently and is not influenced by another.


2)  What happens when the battery runs down? The light gets dim and then goes out. The sound stops, and the scalar wave pulsing stops. Replace (model Phi) or recharge the battery every 3 months. When battery operation stops, the polarized materials and geometric continue significant protection!


3)  What happens if I drop the Chi-Organizer? Nothing, unless the drop is severe and the case cracks or fractures the printed circuit board. The battery may pop out of the holder (Chi-O Phi). Check that the battery is firmly in place. If the light is flashing or the sound is audible, the electronics are working. If dropped in water, the circuit board or battery may fail from corrosion.


4)  Will the Chi-Organizer interact unfavorably with any other protection devices or modalities? It should not. Tests have shown no interferences from other products, and no interferences to other product functions.


5)  Will the Chi-Organizer interfere with air navigation or communication equipment? No. There is no RF or ELF electromagnetic radiation. We have found no interference to or from computers, radio, TV, radar, etc. The Chi-Organizer can be considered like a pager as far as airport security personnel are concerned.


6)  Will airport security x-rays harm the Chi-Organizer? They should not, and have not on testing. Very intense EMP radiation might damage the software memory as with any microprocessor device, such as a cell phone.


7)  Will Chi-Organizer interfere with heart pacemakers, seizure prone individuals or harm pregnant women? Initial testing shows no effect, but with limited trials, we cannot make any strong statements. Check with a qualified practitioner for advice. Read the disclaimer on the Chi-Organizer about page.


8)  Will the Chi-Organizer affect the means to ask questions by kinesiology, dowsing, intuition, or abilities to talk with higher self, to channel, to access akashic records, or similar activities? The Chi-Organizer appears to enhance such activities. Users report better clarity, faster answers, clearer insight, etc. One individual reported a loss of communication with an external source. Investigation turned up an implant, and that the source was of negative information! If you ever find communication blocked, check your motives and source.


9)  Will the Chi-Organizer (Phi  and bracelet model) operate with rechargeable batteries? No, since most rechargeable button batteries are only 2.3 – 2.6 volts, whereas the recommended CR1616 cell is 3 volts.


10) Are there any studies to show it works?

11) I understand that Chi-O 2 is a stronger version of the Economy. Then came the Phi with 4 models which use hologram cards for specific purposes.
Does the Phi also do the same as Chi-O 2 or not?

Yes, all the Chi-Os have the same basic function, protection from EMF. The Chi-O2 is stronger than both the Economy and the Chi-O Phi

12)Does the Chi-O 2 take hologram cards?

No, only the Phi and the Bracelet use the cards in the Jewelry line.

13) Is the Phi battery.standard or only from you?

CR1616, very inexpensive on Amazon and other places. It is a common battery.

14) Which USB does the Chi-O 2 use? Do you include a cable?

USB C mini, yes it comes with a cable and you can plug it into any computer or phone charger.

15) Does the Economy use a battery?

Both the Economy and the Chi-O2 have rechargeable batteries rated for 1000 charges. Normally each charge lasts about 6 months so should be good for a VERY long time ?.

The Economy version is currently out of stock. Not sure when we will have more.

16) If these are different products, then can I wear the Economy and Phi at the same time?

Yes, you can. I normally wear the bracelet and the Phi at the same time.


17) I would ideally want to purchase.a smaller Chi-O 2 which uses hologram cards, are there any plans for an upgrade?

No, the next generation after the Chi-O2 was the Chi-O phi which we made smaller.

So it is basically the upgrade, but it is not as strong as the Chi-O 2

18) Does the personal Economy for $350 do both functions as Chi-O and hologram cards?

Yes, it uses cards, it is  larger and uses credit card sized cards.