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  • #1 Sleep

Designed for a deep restful nights sleep. Some users have commented on decrease in Insomnia.

Here is what one person wrote:

And by the way, I also have a sleep hologram (card). Works wonders! Talk about restorative sleep!
You guys are amazing!

  • #2 DNA Activation

Scientists say that we have 2 main strands of DNA but a lot of Junk DNA. According to some more esoteric researchers, they have said we have 12 strands of DNA but only 2 are active in most people. This Hologram is designed to begin to activate the other 10 strands of DNA. People have reported more psychic ability and perceptions as their DNA becomes more active.

  • #3 Eliminate negative Energies

This hologram is designed to eliminate the negative energies related to Dark Forces, Negative Control Lines and other types of psychic invasion and manipulation.

  • #4 Eliminate Pain

A general reduction of pain anywhere.

  • #5 Improve Sports Performance

Designed in the fashion of the famous Power Balance sports bands. Increase Balance and performance.

  • #6 Garden

When your Chi-O Phi is near plants, this hologram will support the basic elements needed for increased growth.

  • #7 Eliminate Cold & Flu

This is great for the kids. If you can catch it at the beginning and put in this hologram, many people have reported all symptoms vanish…

  • #8 Eliminate Jet Lag

Both good for during a long trip and for several days afterward. Many people are reporting no jet lag at all even after traveling half way around the world.

  • #9 Reduce Stress

As the name implies, bring down the noise levels of stress. Relaxation and rejuvenation are built in.

  • #10 Lose Weight

Shave off a few extra pounds (Caution: you might notice some junk food cravings disappearing).

  • #11 Eliminate Allergies

Great in the Springtime when the flowers are bursting with pollens.

  • #12 Reverse Aging

Recommended for all people over 50… rejuvenate the basic building blocks of youth and vitatily.

  • #13 Neutralize Radiation

After Fukushima, we got to work on a hologram to bring back the balance of overcharged particles…

  • #14 Spiritual Growth

Support for your meditations and spiritual connectedness with the ONE.

  • #15 Chakra Balance

Help restore balance and strength to overworked or imbalanced chakras.

  • #16 Food Balance

Perfect for going to a restaurant. Changes the vibration of the food to balance the IDFs (Informational Fields) of toxins (pesticides and herbicides) and boost the vitamin and mineral IDF fields.

  • #17 Lucid Dreaming

Wake up in your Dreams! Put in this hologram and leave your Chi-O on your nightstand…

  • #18 Improve Memory

Works on a multi-dimensional level to bring back lost memories and speed up the thought process.

  • #19 Prosperity

Attract new opportunities and relationships to bring your abundance to life.

  • #20 Improve Relationships

Remove blockages in communication and increase the flow between you and others.

  • #21 Increase Confidence

Self esteem and confidence are intrinsically tied together. Work on both levels and see the difference in how you feel about yourself.

  •  #22 Increase Happiness

Getting in touch with your purpose in life naturally brings a higher level of happiness. Eliminate the blockages from a deep sense of fulfillment.

  • #23 Motivation

Time to get off our buts and start moving in the right direction!

  • #24 Attract Love

The magnetic attraction of love is a mystery that can only be experienced. Turn on the lights and have your love come to you.

  • #25 Release Fear

Works very well with the Increase Confidence card. Release fear and the world is yours…