Studies With The Chi-o

I have had some great results with testing the Chi-O.

During several SE-5 training seminars in the USA and Europe, I had about 30 different practitioners of the SE-5 check their neighbor’s meridians and the amount of Chi-Stagnation in the meridians.

So each person would exchange a Sample with the person sitting next to them. They then checked each other’s meridians for any Chi-Stagnation. Then I had them call each other for about 5-10 minutes on their Cell Phone. Then they checked the Meridians again.

Then I had them put on the Chi-O and re-check the Meridians.

This was a typical experience from just about all of the people no matter what country they are from:


  1. Most people had some Chi-Stagnation in several Meridians before we started as you can see in Amplitude reading..
  2. After making a 5- 10 minute phone call, the Chi-Stagnation went up by considerably in most meridians as seen in Amplitude 2.
  3. After putting on the Chi-O for a few minutes, the Chi-Stagnation went down almost 0 in most cases as seen in Amplitude 3.
  4. Then we had everyone make a another phone call but this time wearing the Chi-O and you can see that the Chi-Stagnation stayed down to 0% as seen in Amplitude 4.

The information from all the people was a little difficult to put together into an average because we had so many parameters we were testing and there was a wide range of differences when we began the pre-test.

I then came up with a more simple test that would show an easier way to see the averages.

First I tested each person (28 people total in the study) for any Chi-Stagnation on the right side and then the left side of the body. I took the total number of everyone’s Chi-Stagnation and then divided it by 28 ( the number of people) and came up with the percentages on the chart. Then I tested the left side as well and averaged that.

Second, I had them hold the cell phone in their right hand and then re-tested and made an average for the chart.

Then I had them put the Chi-O on and then hold the phone in their right hand again. The results are in the chart below.


As you can see, when wearing the Chi-O, there was less Chi-Stagnation even while holding the cell phone, than there was without the Chi-O and not holding the phone.

There was more Chi-Stagnation in the right side of the body when holding the phone in the right hand.

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