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Scroll down to see our test results, videos, and learn how you can Smooth out a Modem with BioArc Disc
…so you can protect yourself from the source of most EMF in your house…

Before you go, I would like to share with you the second most intense source of EMF pollution after you Cell Phone… it is your WiFi modem and we will offer you a one time special deal since you just purchased your BioArc Cell Phone discs (or even because you ordered the Free one!).

Most people are not aware that the WiFi modem is flooding the house with microwave radiation 24/7. So the first thing I recommend is getting a simple timer to put your modem to sleep when you go to sleep every night.

The second recommendation is to get the large BioArc disc and simple place it on top of your modem. The BioArc antenna harmonizes the waves coming out of the modem and you will feel the difference immediately.

Now if you do get this offer, I’m also going to throw a cool stand that you can use to set the BioArc Disc on or in front of your modem! ($15 value)

Special ONE TIME offer!

Since you are serious about protecting yourself and your friends and family, we are offering a tremendous discount from the normal price of $69.99 for the Large BioArc Disc. The 158mm BioArc Disc is for your modem and other experiments such as structuring water, etc. This includes the BioArc Disc Stand ($15 Value) shown above.

Just look at these results…

Here is how I did the test…

First, I stood about 2-3 feet away from the WiFi modem and exposed myself to the microwave radiation (not recommended!) On the left side you will see what it did to my energy… :-(. On the right side, I am still standing in front of the modem, but I had placed the large BioArc Disc on top of the modem. Just have a look at all the different measurements of before and after…

My Energy Resources were depleted by the modem (on the left) and restored or perhaps boosted on the right with the BioArc Disc placed on top of the modem.

My biological age suffered drastically in front of the modem (I am normally biologically much younger than my age) on the left. My “normal” biological age returned after placing the BioArc Disc on top of the modem.

The decrease in my spine health was something I could feel within minutes of standing in front of the modem (on the left) and quickly returned after placing the BioArc Disc on top of the modem.

After only a few minutes of having the BioArc Disc on top of the modem, my acupuncture meridians came back up to healthy levels. (all except the heart meridian but I still saw improvement and will share in a future video how I solved that also.)

Also, we tested with an acoustimeter and had outstanding results. Watch the video…

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