One Time Offer for the first 100 People
(limit 2 offers per person)

Our Black Friday Special this year is limited to the first 100 people that purchase a Silver Chi-O Phi from the link below.

Total value is over $1000.00 for the Silver Chi-O Phi and 3 months of Quantum Wellness, Quantum Wellness Course and 50% off of all Hologram Cards.

But you pay only $299.95 plus shipping.

First off you will save more than $100 on the purchase of the Silver Chi-O Phi. Also receive the Chakra Balance hologram and the Eliminate Negative Energy hologram card. (Normally $395.00)

​Additionally you will also receive 3 months of Quantum Wellness Balancing for FREE! ($149.85 value)

To learn more about Quantum Wellness, watch this video:


And even more, you will get 50% off of any extra Hologram Cards! A possible savings of $230.00.

If that wasn’t enough, you will also get full access to my Quantum Wellness Course ($295 value) where you will learn all about Radionics, Scalar Theory and the future of Quantum Medicine.

You will receive a total value of over $1000.00

  • Silver Chi-O Phi
  • 3 months of Quantum Wellness
  • Quantum Wellness Course
  • 50% off of all Hologram Cards.

You pay only $299.95 (plus shipping)


Shipping will be charged separately. (The free shipping offer over $150 purchase is not valid on this promotion)

​ If you are outside of the USA, you might have to pay import duty.

And remember, you can get 50% off as many hologram cards as you want to purchase.

Chi-O Black Friday Special!

Only Available for the First 100 Orders

$299.95 USD (plus shipping)

(Shipping will be billed separately)

This special offer is only available to the first 100 people and after that this page will disappear.


In addition your purchase will be supporting over 30 people in Bali and their families as all proceeds from this special offer will be going to support the staff of Shambala Oceanside Retreat and Spa